Herbal Analytics is a full service analytical and consulting laboratory for botanical quality testing and natural product drug development.  Additionally, we offer quality and safety testing for medical and recreational Cannabis products in the state of Washington.


Botanical Identity and Quality Testing


Botanical Drug and Dietary Supplement Research


Recreational and Medical Cannabis Testing & Research

  • Macro- and microscopic authentication

  • HPLC-DAD and GC/MS constituent profiling

  • Adulterant screening

  • Product purity and consistency testing

  • Product development consulting

  • Regulatory consulting

  • Cannabis potency and terpenoid profiling

  • Moisture analysis

  • Foreign material screening

  • Microbiological screening

  • Residual solvent analysis


We have over a decade of analytical and natural products testing, dietary supplement regulations and cGMP practices.  Our services are continuously expanding, please contact us to discuss your testing or research needs.  Herbal Analytics can help you to produce safe and effective products and consistent research material.

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